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Questions About Making a Reservation?

Do I need to make reservations?
No, though we always encourage guests to make one to avoid disappointment. We are a small venue and seats fill up quickly, especially on weekends.
What is the best way to book reservations?
Your best option is to call us (289) 396-5917 during operational hours, that way we can confirm the reservation with you immediately. If you make a reservation via email or through social media, it may take longer for us to get back to you.
Can you make a reservation if it’s only for 2 players?
Yes. We accept reservations for groups of 2+ players.
I want to make a reservation for my child’s birthday. How many people can I make a reservation for?
For larger groups of 9+ players, we do require a deposit paid prior to the reservation date in order to hold the space for you. Please call us for more details!
How much notice is needed to make a reservation?
The more notice, the better! We realize this is not always feasible, however, weekend reservations tend to fill up quickly. If you call a few hours before the time you’d like to come in, or even the morning of, chances are our reservations for the day will already be filled. We recommend providing at least 24-48 hours notice for groups larger than 4 people.
Do you have tables available for walk-ins?
Yes, we do our best to have at least a few tables open for walk-in gamers. However, those tables are on a ‘first-come first-serve’ basis, so we do not put them on ‘reservation’.
I need to make a reservation but when I called they said reservations are already full for that day. What do I do now?
Because we only set a few tables aside for reservations every night (again, to keep some free for walk-ins) once these tables have been booked up, we no longer have space to take any more reservations. Your next best option is to try for a walk-in table or make a reservation for another day.
When all tables are full, do you offer a waiting list?
Yes, we do. Guests can only be added to our waiting list after they have tried for a walk-in table in person. We will take down your information and call you once a table has opened up that can accommodate your group. We do not add groups to our waiting list over the phone.

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