Over the years running Gameopolis,
I’ve noticed first-hand that women who play board games,
particularly strategy games, continue to be less prevalent.
Though women board gamers have been on the rise, it’s been a slow pace.

With the help of my Gameopolis team –
women who are passionate about all things board games –
we’ve decided to host a monthly “Women Got Game” social board gaming night.

Learn a new strategy game or teach other women your favourite.
Get competitive or play cooperative.
Attend with a friend or make some new ones.

Join us for our first event on Wednesday April 11th at 7pm.
It’s $5/player for unlimited game play.
Seating can fill up quickly, so best to show up near the start.

This is a queer-friendly, accessible space.

*Women-identified, trans, non-binary, genderqueer welcome!