Special Events Catering

Ashley.Nygil.WeddingDid you know we also cater board games to special events?

This past weekend we had the chance to cater board games to a wedding reception! Board games are a perfect option for guests to get to know each other and have fun – it even provides a break from the dance floor! 

When catering your special event, you’ll get to choose from any of our 600+ board games – or we can customize the games list for you based on your groups’ interests.



Friendly, professional and board-game-knowledgeable staff will also attend the event to assist with setup, game flow, answering game-related questions as well as offering game recommendations. We strive to make the entire process as easy and fun as possible!

So if you’re looking to add something extra fun and unique to your next event – birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, staff event, holiday party – we have exactly what you’re looking for!