Share the Board Game Love SALE!

Our love and passion for board games isn’t seasonal. It doesn’t happen only on an arbitrary day set in February. It is everyday.

Over the years, even when life is at it’s busiest, Nick and I always find a way to enjoy a board game or two together. Win or lose – whether it’s him blocking me from taking sole ownership of a castle or me buying up most of the province cards before he notices – we always have fun and share in a few laughs.

And that’s what board games should be all about.

So February – the month we associate with celebrating “love” (and groundhog💞s) – reminds us to share in the moment. Whether it’s with your partner in life, partner in crime, or partner in time, board games bring you together.

And so, we wanted to offer another way to help share that board game love with your loved ones: this weekend, we’ll be offering 15% off on all board games!