Gift Cards & Board Games

We’ve been absolutely blown away by the outpouring of support from our board gaming community during this uncertain time. Many have sent us messages asking how they can help to support us while we remain closed and still have bills and wages to pay for, so we’ve decided to lean into this love and support. 💕

GIFT CARDS – If you’re interested in purchasing gift cards that can be used when we reopen (and since we do not have an online source), we are asking customers to send an email with their mailing address so we may mail gift cards, with payments made through e-transfer. For every $25 gift card purchased, we’ll toss in a little extra $5 to cover your next game play. 💕

BOARD GAME SALES – As this isolation continues, people are looking for new games to add to their collections. We’ve decided to make ourselves available by appt for those who know which game they would like to purchase. All games will be tax included, and can be purchased upon pickup. Please send us an email with what game you are looking for and we’ll get it set aside for you. 💕

Our email address is:
gameopolis.hamilton @ gmail .com

Thanks everyone for all this love – our hearts are so full. Take care of each other. 💕